BESTOR® 9.5×6.3 inches Graphic Drawing Tablet with 8192 Levels Battery-Free Pen,12 Shortcut Keys Easier Work for Design, Paint, Art Creation, Online Class


Price: ₹4,999.00 - ₹4,199.00
(as of Dec 04,2022 14:34:12 UTC – Details)

FEATURES: Pen Setting Interface A: PC and Graphic tablet Connection Status B: Screen Mapping: It can Modify the Screen Mapping area and the work area. C: Pen Pressure: From 0 to 8192 Levels. The Curve is used to show the Pressure Levels, the Levels Changes with the Pressure of the pen D:Pressure fine tune: Used to Adjust Pressure Slightly. Default 0.Can be Observed the curve on the left. E:The key Setting of the pen:”-” Custom Function keys, Default Ctrl + Z. “+”The fixed Function Key(For Example Right Button Function of the Mouse) F:Customizable Buttons G:Restore Driver to Default Setting. H:Tick the check box while Using Microsoft Office I:Left Hander work. Driver Installation A:Installation of Windows : Open My PC-Pen Driver–Table_setup.exe, then Follow step by step to Install it, in the last Wizard page if you want Download “Paint Tool SAI” Please Select it and click Finish, then Select the path to save it, open “sai.exe” follow Wizard to Install it. B:Installation of Mac OS: Open My Driver-Tablet Driver. DMG-My Tablet. PKG-select path click Install-Enter Password to Continue-Install Successful to Restart Noted: For MAC OS 10.14, After the Driver Installed then Enter MAC OS Setup, find the Security &Privacy Option then click Unlock Option then Allow My tablet Daemon (Hook)

IMPORTANT: Please turn of the screen rotation function of your phone (Device) before connecting. Please make sure your phone support OTG function.
STEP: 1. OTG adapter (OTG cable) connected to the android phone. 2. Connect with USB cable and OTG adapter. 3. USB cable connect G12 Graphic Tablet.
Key Function Noted: The tip of the pen touches the working area, or the key of the pen is pressed in the induction zone, the work light is lighted. 1-12 keys can be customized to set different buttons, Mac OS, android system can not customized the button: key of can customized the button. For details, please refer to the drive setting interface. Passive pen no need to charge or use battery.
Drive installation of Windows; 1. After” connection” please wait a minute. The open “My” PC” or MY COMPUTER” , find the ” pen drive” CD-ROOM. Open the Table _ Setup. exe’ file to run the drive in installation.

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